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I just had to...didn't I?

Quiz original from =Laricha. Go see.


So, the idea's the same; choose one, or two, or three, or heck, as many characters of yours as you can handle, and let them answer these questions.

Now, which characters did you choose?

Celebhen, Litrell and Ronelle.

1. What is your name, and is there any thought/meaning behind it?

Celebhen: Celebhen, or Cell for short. It's sindarin and it means "silvereye". I also respond to my common name, Silveröga...because I have silver coloured eyes... Humans seem to think it make things easier.

Litrell: I am Litrell. I was born to it, so I claimed it.

Ronelle: Ronelle.  *sigh* I know, sounds weird and all, but my creator had some lame excuse about her so called "imagination" at age fourteen and simply took the easy way out - it's her name backwards. Plus an L.

2. What is your favourite animal and why?

Celebhen: Platypus'. I have one of my own. Amazing creatures! Did you know the males are poisonous, and that they're not even immune to their own poison? Well, neither did I!

Litrell: Men. They are so....affectionate.

Ronelle: Cats. They're soft and cuddly, full of grace and beauty. They are everything I'm not, and still... I feel an inexplicable relationship to them... *hm*

3. Who is your favourite historical person?

Celebhen: I don't know really... I haven't met them all.

Litrell: Farao Hatshetsup I. Now there's a Woman! Cleopatra on the other hand - oh Goddess, my mother really got her self a handful when recruiting her. *pth*

Ronelle: Historical? As in "dead"?

4. What is the most prominent aspect of your personality?

Celebhen: Oh, I don't know... I haven't stop to think about it my self. Maybe... *hm* Well, I can't really say. Do you smoke by any chance? I've got this new blue grass and I haven't had time to test it yet, I found it last year when I was in the Underworld, or, as they called it, "Hairaloth". Amazing place. The fungi actually shone by their own..! Smells wonderfully! Join me?

Litrell: My undoubtful divinity.

Ronelle: I guess I give the impression of a jolly good person - though others find me....sly. Heheh.

5. What kind of clothing do you wear and why?

Celebhen: I, well... I wear... *looks down at her self* Oh, so that's why. *smirk* Thought it was getting kind of cold... Well, yes. A belt. I always wear my belt. I can't work without my belt.

Litrell: In this Goddess-forgotten lands, -where the Weather is no friend of mine!-, I wear clothes. Huh? Oh you ment what kind? Well, what ever is fitting. And smooth. And transparent.

Ronelle: I wear a dress and apron, mostly. Well I'm a maid, ain't I? As long is it fits and it's clean and whole.... It's fine by me.

6. What historical period is your favourite? Why?

Celebhen: Which period? Well, that depends... Depends on who’s history you refer to. See here, this medallion was given to me by the priests of Mehuyña in the year of the Rebirth Serpent ...

Litrell: The near future. I will make it my own. It will be glorious.... "The Litrellian era". It has an awesome ring to it, hasn't it?

Ronelle: ... What kind of a question is that?!

7. Who is your favourite fictional character?

Celebhen: Don Quixote.

Litrell: God. Or what's his name; Jehovah? Hilarious, that one.

Ronelle: To be honest I don't read much.

8. Have you ever committed a crime?

Celebhen: I've done my fair share, I admit. But really, what is a crime? Is its stealing to eat when you're hungry? Is it murder is you do it as revenge? it a crime to give up hope?

Litrell: Don't be silly. Who'd punish -Me-?

Ronelle: Yes.

9. Have you ever done something you regret and/or embarrass you?

Celebhen: Aye.

Litrell: I don't do "regret".

Ronelle: I certainly know I haven't. - But I have.

10. What is your greatest flaw?

Celebhen: I am a bit of a time-optimist, I think... Not very good for my plants - they tend to die in the blink of an eye!

Litrell: *glare*

Ronelle: Well, I wasn't going to tell you this but... *whisper* ...I'm kind of a schizophrenic..!

11. Do you like yourself (despite eventual flaws mentioned above)?

Celebhen: Time has healed me. I am at peace with myself.

Litrell: Some of your questions are just straight out stupid.

Ronelle: Well yes, I do... I mean, it's not -our- fault after all. Is it?

12. If you could change anything about yourself (physically or mentally) - would you?

Celebhen: If I could change time, I think I would. But not myself, no.

Litrell: I swear, I will -Leave-.

Ronelle: Yes... I would put my soul in one body, the human one preferly, and be split in two no more.

13. If you were suddenly to become a superhero/villain, what would you nickname yourself and what would be your power(s)?

Celebhen: Hahaha! Oh well, when you're asking... Well, I don't think I'd be the hero, nor villain. But there's always a sidekick, isn't there? Greased Lightning - able to stop and mixture with time.  Oh, and heal wounds!

Litrell: ...Litrell, the almighty. I'd be in control of the weather. Any weather. Anywhere. Except for the almightiness, of course.

Ronelle: ... - Catwoman!

14. Do you have any pets?

Celebhen: I told you about my platypus, right? And, well, I have a water nymph. Adorable creature. I know they’re no animals, of course I do, but to be honest he is more like a pet goldfish.

Litrell: Hordes of them. Rare is my favourite.

Ronelle: Nibbi doesn’t like to be called a pet, but yeah, I’ve got a cat…kinda.

15. Are you vain?

Celebhen: No.

Litrell: No.

Ronelle: No.

16. What colour is your hair and in what manner do you wear it?

Celebhen: Platinum blonde. I keep it free and curly. Maybe time to cut it now that you mention it… But I can always stuff it in my belt.

Litrell: Black. How? It varies.

Ronelle: Brownish blonde, brownish black…

17. Do you have any titles?

Celebhen: None that I know of.

Litrell: I am Litrell.

Ronelle: *lol* No.

18. If you could delete any person and his/her doings out of history, whom would be the unlucky one?

Celebhen: I don’t believe in killing, or deleting for that matter.

Litrell: The houses of my sisters. There are four remaining…

Ronelle: I don’t want to tell you.

19. What is your favourite colour? Why?

Celebhen: Blue.

Litrell: Me.

Ronelle: Oh, I don’t know…purple?

20. Have you ever been close to death?

Celebhen: Yes, a couple of times.

Litrell: Since the day I was born.

Ronelle: Kinda hard to avoid serving thieves and darkelves alike.

21. Have you ever killed someone?

Celebhen: It is nothing I am proud of.

Litrell: I give and take away.

Ronelle: No.

22. What do you fear?

Celebhen: The ghosts of my past.

Litrell: . . .the sight of my own blood.

Ronelle: Insanity.

23. One morning, you wake up only to discover you've been transformed into a gigantic insect! What do you feel, think, and do?

Celebhen: *hm* Well, hypothetically speaking, then… I guess I’d lie very still, hoping it all was a dream, thinking of how come and why I became an insect and starting to imagine how my life will change and come to be from now on.


Ronelle: Hoping there was a counterspell and that if would be buyable.

24. You live in Tolkien's Middle-Earth. What kind of species are you and whose side are you on?

Celebhen: I’d be among the elves of Lothlorien, fighting for what is right and good.

Litrell: I’d take control of my own army, striking down on elves and orcs alike. The humans I’d keep for further purposes and Legolas would be my afternoon snack.

Ronelle: I am human. But I am no fighter.

25. You live in the STAR WARS universe! Do you prefer the dark or the light side of the force?

Celebhen: Are you kidding me? I’m Yoda’s lost padawan.

Litrell: Oh, grow up.

Ronelle: I agree with the above.

26. You are singing the lead of a musical. What is the name of the musical and what is it about?

Celebhen: Singoalla. It’s a beautiful story of gypsies, love and betrayal. *sob*

Litrell: Moulin Rouge. See it!

Ronelle: I don’t sing. – Cat’s!

27. What would your dream-house look like?

Celebhen: Portable.

Litrell: It’s not having the house of your dreams that is the interesting here; it’s actually being able to –keep alive- in it that is the tricky part.

Ronelle: A rent-free place with home delivery next door.

28. If you could make -one- fictional character become real, who would you choose?

Celebhen: Dumbledore. The things we would discuss…!

Litrell: Nariko from the game “Heavenly Sword”. I could get used to having her around in time of…needs.

Ronelle:  Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Philip. God know I’d need one.

29. What kind of books do you prefer?

Celebhen: Books of knowledge.

Litrell: I prefer other kind of entertainment.

Ronelle: As I said, I don’t read much.

30. Lastly; How do you think you will die?

Celebhen: Probably old and alone.

Litrell: I won’t.

Ronelle: Old, rich and surrounded by family and friends. No, no just kidding. Funny, huh?
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